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Practical information

Prices and tickets

To be guaranteed a slot and avoid queues, we recommend buying tickets online before arrival. Then you also get the best price!

Book a ticket here .

Day pass (over 140 cm): Online price NOK 430 (drop-in: NOK 450)
Day pass (110 – 140 cm): Online price NOK 370 (drop-in: NOK 390)
Day pass (up to 110 cm): Online price NOK 270 (drop-in: NOK 290)


Season ticket (over 140 cm): NOK 1,450
Season ticket (110 – 140 cm): NOK 1,250
Season ticket (up to 110 cm): NOK 1,000
Season ticket family (mother, father and own children): NOK 5,000


It is free to stay in Hydlaparken for those who do not use the climbing trails.


Everyone who wants to climb in Hydlaparken Climbing Park must fill in a self-declaration.

To save time, you can do this online before your arrival.

If in a group, an adult should complete the self-declaration for the whole group by filling in the names of the participants. The self-declaration applies for the whole season if they are delivered online.


Complete the declaration of ownership here

Height requirements

Our trails are graded with colors, like in an alpine resort.

Orange is the easiest, and red is the hardest. Between these you will find a light green, dark green and blue.


The height requirements for the various colors on the slopes are:


Orange trail: Over 80 cm

Green trail: Over 110 cm. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the climbing routes.

Red/blue trail: Over 140 cm. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the climbing routes.

Important information

Access to the climbing trails is not permitted for persons who:

- weigh more than NOK 120

- are pregnant

- are under the influence of alcohol or other substances


Everyone who is going to climb must attend mandatory training in Hydlaparken Climbing Park, as well as familiarize themselves with Hydlaparke Climbing Park´s regulations.

In order to preserve nature, please do not go outside the paved paths/stairs when you visit Hydlaparken.

Weight limits

Maximum weight limit 120 kg on the climbing trails.
Minimum 20 kg in the climbing wall and at Hydlaspranget.

Safety and training

All activity at Hydlaparken is quality assured through our routines and internal control.

The climbing apparatus is checked annually, and is approved by the Norwegian Railway Authority.

Safety is the first priority in Hydlaparken, and we continuously work on development and improvement. We would greatly appreciate feedback if you had anything to complain about during your visit with us.


Everyone who is going to climb in Hydlaparken must complete mandatory training with one of our instructors. The training must be carried out at least once per season.

On busy days, there can unfortunately be some waiting time on the training trail.

Please follow the instructor's instructions to reduce the waiting time.

Weather and clothing

Dress in light hiking or work out clothes.

You will quickly get warm from being active, so dress lightly and in layers.

Clothes with strings, e.g. hoodie, not recommended.

It can be beneficial to have a bag with extra clothes, preferably also rain clothes if the weather dictates it.

Sneakers or hiking shoes with a good sole are preferable.

The best climbing weather is cloudy or drizzly. Remember to stay hydrated if the weather is warm and sunny.


Hydlparken Climbing Park remains open regardless of the weather throughout the season. In the event of thunder and/or strong winds, all or parts of the climbing park may have to close until the weather improves.

Unforeseen suspension of operations does not entail the right to a refund of ticket money.

We advise all climbers to wear gloves. You can use your own gloves, or buy from us at check-in.

Food and drink

Feel free to bring your own food and drink. We have benches and picnic tables throughout climbing park.

There are possibilities to buy cold refreshments, coffee and ice cream at the check-in.


We have a large car park at Hydlastova. Price NOK 60, which you pay at check-in.

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