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Activities for older kids and adults

In Hydlaparken Klatrepark, both older children and adults will find a selection of activities that are both exciting and fun.

Try out one of the many climbing trails, and feel the thrill and excitement on the zip lines.

Or bring your bike and test your skills in the pump track!

Climbing trails

Hydlaparken Klatrepark has a total of five climbing routes for adults and older children.

For those who are taller than 110 cm, we have the following climbing routes:


Family trail, easy/medium.

9 obstacles, 98 meters, 1 zip line.

Height requirement 110 cm.


Family trail, easy/medium

10 obstacles, 152 meters, 2 zip lines

Height requirement 110 cm


Family trail, easy/medium.

9 obstacles, 155 metres, 2 zip lines.

Height requirement 110 cm.

We also have two climbing trails for the more daring ones:


Sports trail, a little difficult.

9 obstacles, 213 meters, 3 zip lines.

Height requirement 140 cm.



Sports trail, demanding.

9 obstacles, 69 meters, 1 zip-line, 1 quickflight

Height requirement 140 cm


Young people on their way through the climbing trail in Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn

Pump track

Pumptrack has its origins in BMX tracks where the tracks are undulating with jumps.

You create speed with pumping movements. Can you complete the entire course without peddling?

You can also use skateboards or roller blades, but remember to always use protective gear.

The Pumptrack is free and can be used by everyone both when Hydlaparken is open and outside opening hours.

Youth cycling through the pump track in Hydlaparken Climbing Park Stryn
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