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Smilende barn på veg gjennom klatreløype i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn
Hydlaparken Climbing Park Stryn logo blue

Welcome to Hydlaparken Climbing Park

An active summer adventure for the whole family

Hydlaparken Climbing Park        

Welcome to the most scenic climbing park in Norway!


The unique thing about Hydlaparken Climbing Park is that the climbing trails are built in a natural forrest, surrounding a moraine ridge from the ice age.

Prepared paths guides you around the park, surrounded by unspoiled nature, while the climbers wander in the treetops.


Hydlaparken Climbing Park can offer 7 climbing trails, divided into 58 obstacles including 11 zip-lines.


Hydlaparken Climbing Park is for all ages, and will give you laughter, joy and a great feeling of mastery.

Hydle maskott for Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn

Opening hours 2024

We are open every day in July. Will we see you?

Updated opening times can be found in the table below. Scroll down to find the desired date:

18. mai - 15. juni
11:00 - 16:00
22. juni - 4. aug
Alle dagar
11:00 - 16:00
6. aug - 17. aug
Tirs - Tors - Laur
11:00 - 16:00
24. aug - 28. sept
11:00 - 16:00
Bestemt ei veke før

Activities for the whole family!

Smilende barn på veg gjennom klatreløype i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn
Ung gutt klatrende gjennom en klatreløype i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn
Våghals som kaster seg ut fra Hydlatårnet i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn

Activities for small children

Hydlaparken Klatrepark has activities for the whole family, even for the smallest children.

Read more

Activities for the older ones

In Hydlaparken Klatrepark, both older children and adults will find a selection of activities that are both exciting and fun.

Read more

Activities for the daredevils

If you're looking for action and adrenaline, Hydlaparken Climbing Park has activities for you!

Read more


Smilende jente i en Zip-line i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn
Ungdom sykklende gjennom pumptrack i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn
Minihydla leikeplass i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn


Climbing trails for everyone

Read more

Pump track

A cool cycling experience

Read more


Playground for the little ones

Read more

Kontakt oss

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Contact information

Address: Hydlavegen 25, 6783 Stryn

Telephone: 57 87 30 00


Instruktør som fester klatresele på barn i Hydlaparken Klatrepark Stryn


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