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Activities for small children

Hydlaparken Klatrepark has activities for the whole family, even for the little ones.
Get yourselves ready for an active day for both old and young

Climbing trails

Hydlaparken Klatrepark has two climbing routes for children taller than 80 cm.

Both trails are of such a height that an adult can be at a safe distance at all times, both to be able to see if the child needs help, and also to be close enough to guide and motivate the child through the trail.


Trail suitable for children, easy

6 obstacles, 44 meter, 1 zip-line

Height requirement: 80 cm


Trail suitable for children, easy

7 obstacles, 71 meter, 1 zip-line

Height requirement: 80 cm

Climbing instructors from the park are also never far away if extra help is needed.

Mother guiding a child through the climbing trail in Hydlaparken Climbing Park Stryn


Minihydla is a playground for children of all ages.

Here, it teems with exciting activities and challenges, even for the very little ones.

The playground has, among other things swings, ropes, climbing nets, climbing walls and balance tracks.

Everything is ready for lots of fun and games!

Minihydla is located by the river, so an adult should be present at all times.

The playground is free, and can be used by everyone both during and outside Hydlaparken Klatrepark´s opening hours.

Minihydla playground in Hydlaparken Climbing Park Stryn


There are benches and picnic tables throughout the park, where you can take breaks and enjoy lunch. Fell free to bring along your own food and snacks.

There are also opportunities to buy cold drinks, coffee and ice cream in the kiosk associated with the check-in.

Toilets are available at the service building. There´s also a diaper changing station in connection with the accessible toilet.

And remember, there is free admission to the park for anyone who is not going to climb!

Child eating ice cream in the sun in Hydlaparken Climbing Park Stryn
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