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Practical information

Prices and tickets

To be guaranteed a slot in the climbing park, and avoid queues, we recommend buying tickets online before arrival. Then you also get the best price!

Book a ticket here .

Day pass (over 140 cm): Online price NOK 430 (drop-in: NOK 450)
Day pass (110 – 140 cm): Online price NOK 370 (drop-in: NOK 390)
Day pass (up to 110 cm): Online price NOK 270 (drop-in: NOK 290)


Season ticket (over 140 cm): NOK 1,450
Season ticket (110 – 140 cm): NOK 1,250
Season ticket (up to 110 cm): NOK 1,000
Season ticket family (mother, father and own children): NOK 5,000 


It´s free of charge to stay in Hydlaparken for those who do not use the climbing trails.


Everyone who intends to climb at Hydlaparken must complete a self-declaration form.

To save time, please do this online before arrival.

If you are part of a group, it is sufficient for one adult to complete the self-declaration form for the entire group by entering the names of the participants.

The self-declaration is valid for the entire season if submitted online.

Complete the self-declaration form here.

Height requirements

Our courses are graded with colors similar to those in a ski resort.

Orange is the easiest, and red is the most difficult. In between, there are light green, dark green, and blue.


The height requirements for the different course colors are:


Orange course: Over 80 cm

Green course: Over 110 cm. Children under 6 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the climbing courses.

Red/blue course: Over 140 cm. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the climbing courses.

Important information

​Access to the climbing courses are not for individuals who:


- Weighs more than 120 kg

- Are pregnant

- Are under the influence of alcohol or other substances


Everyone who intends to climb must participate in mandatory training at Hydlaparken Climbing Park and must familiarize themselves with Hydlaparken's regulations.

To preserve nature, please do not walk outside the established paths/stairs when visiting Hydlaparken.

Dogs are allowed in the park, but must be kept on a leash at all times. And please remember to bring a dog poo bag. 

Weight limit

Maximum weight limit is 120 kg in the climbing courses.

Minimum weight is 20 kg for the climbing walls and Hydlaspranget.

Safety and training

All activities at Hydlaparken Climbing Park are quality-assured through our routines and internal controls. The climbing equipment is inspected annually and approved by the Norwegian Railway Authority. 

Safety is top priority 

Weather and clothing.

Wear clothing suitable for outdoor activities.

You will get get warm from being active, so dress with layers that can be adjusted easily.

Cloths with strings, such as hoodies, are not recommended. 

It may be beneficial to bring a backpack with extra clothes, including rain gear.

Sneakers or hiking shoes are preferred footwear.

The best climbing weather are overcast or light rain. Sunshine is also fine, just remember to keep hydrated.

Hydlaparken Climbing Park is open regardless of the weather throughout the season. In the event of thunderstorm and/or strong winds, the park might have to close, partially or fully, until the weather improves.

Unexpected operational disruptions do not entitle you to a refund of the ticket price. 

We recommend that all climbers wear gloves. You can use your own gloves, or purchase the from us at check-in.


Food and Beverage

Feel free to bring your own food and drinks. 

We have picnic tables and benches on several locations throughout the climbing park.

In the check-in you will also find a selection of cold drinks, coffee and ice cream to be bought. 


We have a large parking lot at Hydlaparken Climbing Park.

The parking fee is 40 NOK for the whole day, and the fee can be paid at the check-in. 

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