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Everyone who intends to climb or use the pump track must carefully read our safety rules in advance.

A self-declaration form must be signed per group/family. This is mandatory during the online booking process.

Groups can download the form, fill it out, and bring it upon arrival.

We also have paper self-declaration forms available for you to fill out upon arrival.


Safety in Hydlaparken is our first priority, and the climbing equipment is inspected annually and approved by the Norwegian Railway Authority. All activities in the park are also quality assured through our routines and internal controls.

Everyone who intends to climb must go through mandatory training, where our qualified instructors cover everything you need to know to climb safely in the park. The training must be completed at least once per season. You will be provided with a climbing harness and helmet.


Safety Rules

  • It is prohibited to use activities without undergoing safety training.

  • Make sure you understand what is covered in the safety training.

  • When using the pump track: See the signs with safety rules before you start. Helmets are mandatory.

  • Ask if something is unclear.


  • Persons under 18 years must have the approval of a parent/guardian to participate in activities.

  • Children under 6 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult in green courses, and children under 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult in blue and red courses.

  • One adult can supervise up to 4 children at a time.

Safety Equipment

  • The climbing harness has three buckles – one on the waist belt and one on each leg loop.

  • The harness must always be tight.

  • If you take off the harness, or are unsure if it is fitted correctly, immediately contact an instructor for a harness check.

  • On the climbing wall, you must be checked and secured by an instructor before climbing.

  • Helmets are mandatory both for climbing and using the pump track.


  • Read the instructions at each activity/obstacle and ensure you are properly secured before engaging in the activity/obstacle.

  • The courses have age and height requirements – read the signs before climbing.

    Orange course: over 80 cm Green course: over 110 cm Blue course: over 140 cm Red course: over 140 cm

  • Move slowly and controlled through activities and obstacles.

  • Only one person is allowed per zip line and backtrack obstacle.

  • Do not touch the zip line while moving.

  • Two persons are allowed per obstacle.

  • Up to three persons are allowed on the platform between each obstacle.

  • In case of any faults or deficiencies in the facility, contact the staff immediately.

  • Maximum weight for climbers: 120 kg.

  • Minimum weight for activities on the climbing wall and Hydla jump: 20 kg.

  • Persons with back or neck problems should not climb.

Access to activities is not allowed for persons who are:

  • Under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

  • Pregnant.

  • Outside the height/weight requirements.

Access to activities is not recommended for persons with:

  • Heart/lung problems.

  • Back/neck problems.

  • Other physical challenges.

Self-Declaration Form

  • By completing the online booking, you accept the content of the two checkboxes below.

  • The form below is used by visitors who purchase their tickets upon arrival at Hydlaparken (we recommend filling out the form here in advance of your visit).

Form for self-declaration

Personal Information

Thank you for submitting! We will only contact this person in case of an emergency.

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