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  • All guests who want to climb or use our pumptrack, must have read our safety rules in advance. 
    The self-declaration form is mandatory, and must be signed per group/family during the booking online. Groups can download the self-declaration form, fill in the information, and deliver it during check in. 

  • Our main priority is safety, and all of our climbing equipment gets an annual inspection from Statens Jernbanetilsyn. Thru routines and internal controls, all activity in Hydlaparken gets quality assured.

  • All of our guests who want to climb, must go thru a mandatory training trail to get access to the park. This will be held by our qualified instructors, and they will tell you and show you how the equipment works, and how to behave in the park.

Safety rules

  • It’s forbidden to use our activities without having reviewed our mandatory training trail.

  • Be sure to have understood the given information thru the training exercises.

  • Helmet is mandatory for the use of the pumptrack.

  • If you’ve got any questions, please ask us.

  • You are responsible for your own and your children's activity and safety in Hydlaparken.

  • Persons below 18 years of age must be approved by parents to participate in activities.

  • Children below 6 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in our green courses, and children below 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in our blue and red courses.

  • An adult can guide up to 4 children at a time.

Safety equipment

  • The harness has 3 buckles – one on the hip belt and one in each thigh loop.

  • Please contact the staff if you feel that the harness is loose or doesn’t fit correctly. If you have taken it off, contact the staff so we can help you to put it on correctly.

  • The harness must be tight all the time.

  • You must be checked and cleared before you enter the climbing wall.

  • By climbing and use of our pumptrack, the helmet is mandatory.


  • By each obstacle, make sure you have read and understood the given information and check your harness before you enter the obstacle.

  • Each obstacle has its age- and height requirement. Please read the information at the start of the track before you enter.

  • Orange courses: above 80 cm

  • Green  courses: above 110 cm

  • Blue course: above 140 cm

  • Red course: above 140 cm

  • Please move nice and slow thru our activities and obstacles.

  • It’s only allowed with one person on the zip line at a time.

  • Do not touch the zip line wire when you are moving.

  • It is allowed with up to 2 persons on each obstacle. It must be ok for the first person before the second person enters.

  • It is allowed with up to 3 persons on each platform between the obstacles.

  • Please contact the staff immediately if you see any damage or missings on the facility

  • Maximum weight allowed for climbers is 120 kg.

  • Minimum weight allowed for the use of the climbing wall and Hydlaspranget is 20 kg.

  • Persons with back and/or neck injuries should not climb.

  • Access to the activities is not allowed for:

  • persons affected by alcohol or drugs.

  • pregnant women.

  • persons who do not meet the age and/or height requirement.

  • Access to the activities is not recommended for:

  • persons with back or/and neck injuries.

  • persons with heart or/and lung problems.

  • persons with other physical challenges.


  • you accept the check marks below by completing your booking online.

  • It’s mandatory for drop-in guests to fill in the form below before entering the park. We recommend our guests to fill in the self-declaration form before check in.

  • I have read and understood the safety-rules regarding Hydlaparken. Use of Hydlaparken may cause risk, and in the worst case injuries or death. I am aware that I may get banished without any refund for violation of the rules.

  • I am a parent/responsible adult of children below 18 years of age registered on this form. The children are hereby allowed to use the activities in Hydlaparken. Myself or another adult is responsible for the children. We cannot hand over this responsibility to the staff of Hydlaparken.

Self-declaration form

Personal information

By submitting the self-declaration form, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the information related to the self-declaration.

Contact information:

Address: Hydlavegen 25, 6783 Stryn

Phone: +47 91 91 50 55


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